Open Access Titles

The titles listed below are free to download and share in PDF format.

Al Rashid Mosque

Comprehensive history of first Canadian mosque (1938), celebrating Muslim-Canadian identity and Canada’s homegrown Islamic communities.

Little Yellow House

After moving her family to a neighbourhood with a tough reputation, Halton meets a cast of diverse characters and considers the social and economic forces that shape our cities.

Ethics for the Practice of Psychology in Canada, Third Edition

This textbook outlines what is expected of Canadian psychologists and how to practice ethically.

In the News, 3rd edition

Third edition of the “go-to” textbook on media relations, demonstrating a proactive and planned approach.

John Rae, Arctic Explorer

An annotated edition of John Rae’s unfinished autobiography that completes his unparalleled life story.

The Man Who Lived with a Giant

A vital book of cultural storytelling for Dene readers and anyone invested in Indigenous knowledge-keeping.

Our Whole Gwich’in Way of Life Has Changed / Gwich’in K’yuu Gwiidandài’ Tthak Ejuk Gòonlih

Life-stories of 23 Gwich’in Elders from the Northwest Territories in Canada speak to changing times.

Traditions, Traps and Trends

An edited collection that surveys Indigenous knowledge practices in northern Canada, Greenland, and Scandinavia.

Walking Together, Working Together

Indigenous Elders, healers, Western physicians, and scholars seek complementarities between Indigenous practices and Western biomedicine.

Wisdom Engaged

Collaboration between traditional knowledge and Western bio-medicine aims to improve health care in Northern communities.

100 Days

Poems that recall the senseless loss of life and of innocence in Rwanda.

Annie Muktuk and Other Stories

Fifteen Inuit stories portray the unvarnished realities of northern life via strong and gritty characters.

An Anthology of Monsters

A deeply personal narrative about all the ways in which we cower and crush through stories.

Appealing Because He Is Appalling

Transnational perspectives on Black men as objects of sexual desire, fear, and loathing.

Art-Medicine Collaborative Practice

A unique fusion of medicine and art exploring the experience of head and neck cancer.

An Autobiography of the Autobiography of Reading

How Black life is made and unmade by and in literature; arguing for new vocabularies.

Believing is not the same as Being Saved

Lyric poems that tenderly meditate on life and death, joy and sorrow, faith and doubt.

Blue Portugal and Other Essays

Braided essays about the natural world, aging bodies, family histories, and art and visual phenomena.

Camouflaged Aggression in Organizations

Identifying and understanding camouflaged aggression and the characteristics of organizations that foster and enable it.

Canadian Performance Documents and Debates

Four centuries of playscripts and archival material challenge us to rethink Canadian theatre and performance.

Come My Children

Hekmat Al-Taweel’s narrative sheds light on Muslim–Christian relationships in Gaza and contradicts Western stereotypes.

Contemporary Indigenous Cosmologies and Pragmatics

Thirteen contributors examine Indigenous peoples’ negotiations with different cosmologies in today’s globalized world.

The COVID Journals

A broad range of Canadian health care workers recount their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic in prose and poetry.

The Creation of iGiselle

Romantic ballet meets artificial intelligence to change the tragic narrative, allowing for possible “feminine endings.”

Crow Never Dies

Detailed observations of the Great Hunt illuminate the northern wilderness, its people, and their complex relationship.

Dissonant Methods

An innovative collection that urges instructors to make the humanities classroom a space for resistance.

The Dragon Run

From the remote Kingdom of Bhutan, a memoir about running, teaching, and what really matters.

Entryways to Criminal Justice

A complex and wide-reaching volume that asks how and why people are constructed as “criminals.”

Feminist Acts

A vital text of feminist recuperation; an eye-opening examination of feminist publishing, community-building, and survival.

The Flying Zoo

An enthusiastic exploration of the co-evolutionary dance of birds and their parasites.

I Am Still Your Negro

Strong, voice-driven poetry explores the broader experience of the African Diaspora, and taboos within taboos.

Indigenous Education

A far-reaching look into contemporary Indigenous education, essential for anyone involved in culturally responsive education.

Indigenous Women and Street Gangs

Six Indigenous women demonstrate survivance through photos and narratives about street gangs and street lifestyle.

Intersecting Sets

Part memoir, part ars poetica, Scottish-Canadian poet Alice Major discusses Science with characteristic gleaming perspicacity.

The Left-Handed Dinner Party and Other Stories

Contemporary Canadian short fiction about perplexing family secrets and the haunting consequences of loss.

Light the Road of Freedom

Personal story of a Palestinian woman, teacher, and activist, from before and after the Nakba.

Margaret Laurence and Jack McClelland, Letters

An edited, annotated collection of funny, affectionate, and insightful letters between two Canadian literary icons.

Most of What Follows is True

Is there a limit to the liberties a writer can take with the real world?

Polish War Veterans in Alberta

An intimate look at displaced Polish soldiers who built new lives in postwar Alberta.

Power Play

Big money and municipal politics collide in the story of Edmonton’s Rogers Place hockey arena.

Remembering Air India

A multi-layered examination of the bombing of Air India Flight 182, and its representation.

There Are Not Enough Sad Songs

Delicate, authentic poems that oscillate between grief and joy as they explore parenthood and loss.

Tiny Lights for Travellers

Vulnerable and funny, this award-winning memoir explores Jewish identity, family, the Holocaust, and belonging.

What You Take with You

Personal account of fleeing a Canadian wildfire that devastated a community and garnered international attention.

A White Lie

The personal story of a brave Palestinian woman’s fight for dignity and freedom.

You Might Be Sorry You Read This

Reveals how breaking silences and reconciling identity can refine anger into something both useful and beautiful.

Evenki Economy in the Central Siberian Taiga at the Turn of the 20th Century

Evenkis comprise the largest ethnos among the 'numerically small' peoples of Siberia. They are unique in having been the only people that historically inhabited an enormous territory from the Yeniseu...

mihkwâkamiwi sîpîsis

A collection of words and pictures from Metis elders in northern Alberta.

Prehistoric Foragers of the Cis-Baikal, Siberia

This program deals with hunter-gatherer cultural change and continuity in the Middle Holocene of the Cis-Baikal, Siberia. From about 9000 to 3000 BP, the Baikal area was successively inhabited by two...

Qikiqtamiut Cookbook Municipality of Sanikiluaq

The purpose of this cookbook is to provide nutritional meals from seasonally-available foods on the Belcher Islands--from marine mammals to fish, waterfowl and bird species, and locally-harvested berries...

Recovering Rights

In 1991, the Inuvialuit community celebrated a successful bowhead whale hunt, the first to occur locally for more than a half century. This book focuses on two aspects of the whale hunt: it describes...

Alfalfa to Ivy

Inspiring autobiography of a Western-Canadian Mennonite's determined rise to become Dean of Harvard Medical School.

Dressed to Rule

Vollmer journeys back to the thirteenth-century Chinese Empire, where ancestors of the ruling Manchu conquerors dressed fittingly.

Jane Austen & Company

Twelve essays by distinguished academic Bruce Stovel study Austen in the context of comic novelists.

Trudeau’s Tango

An insightful history of the fractious early relationship between Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Alberta.

Just Getting Started

Novelist Todd Babiak commemorates Edmonton Public Library's centenary with a bustling narrative and rich history.

Upgrading Oilsands Bitumen and Heavy Oil

State-of-the-art oilsands processing technologies, from laboratory to full commercial scale.

Care, Cooperation and Activism in Canada's Northern Social Economy

Fifteen social economy case studies of community institutions organized by residents across Canada’s north.

Idioms of Sámi Health and Healing

Ten experts document the strength of local communities’ using traditional resources for health and prevention.

Imagining the Supernatural North

Wide-ranging look at mysterious and misunderstood aspects of northern regions from antiquity to present day.

Aboriginal Populations

Extended and comparative social demography of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and beyond by world-renowned experts.

The Algal Bowl

Eminent water experts examine the global threat of cultural eutrophication (nutrient pollution) and potential solutions.


With linguistic keenness and rapid-fire shifts, Cooley’s abecedarium challenges the way we look at language.

Adapted Physical Activity

The field of Adapted Physical Activity is a rapidly expanding area in post-secondary education. As the profession grows, so does the demand for new texts that challenge students to think critically....


French Revolution journalist-poet's subversive, all-women saints' lives introduces English readers to Sylvain Maréchal's audacious wit.

Anarchists in the Academy

A provocative text that uses postanarchism to explore contemporary poetry and digital media.

Apartheid in Palestine

Palestinian, Israeli, academic, and activist voices gather to humanize ongoing debates over Israel and Palestine.

At the Interface of Culture and Medicine

Fourteen essays open important dialogue in the emerging field of culture and medicine.

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?, a play for teens, is a dynamic, interactive, frank and funny theatrical investigation of sexual decision making and sexual health.

At the limit of breath

Stephen Scobie reflects on the cinema of Jean-Luc Godard with poems for 44 Godard films.

Baba's Kitchen Medicines

An incomparable compendium of tinctures, poultices, salves, plasters, and tonics will fascinate and often mortify.

Beyond "Understanding Canada"

A trenchant scholarly exploration of how Canadian literature circulates in a transnational world.

Boom and Bust Again

Facing and overcoming destabilizing challenges associated with the historical phenomenon of boom-and-bust economies.

The Burgess Shale

How the writing landscape of the 1960s shaped the present literary topography in Canada.

A Canadian Girl in South Africa

Canadian woman writes of teaching in concentration camps following the South African War in 1902.

A Canterbury Pilgrimage / An Italian Pilgrimage

American couple pioneered leisure cycle tourism in Europe via illustrated travel memoirs in the 1880s.

The Chinchaga Firestorm

How the biggest forest fire in North American history affected and changed forest fire management.

Climber's Paradise

Tenacious activism of the Alpine Club of Canada leads to mountain recreation and conservation.

Civilizing the Wilderness

Eleven essays explore the dichotomy of "civilizing" and "wilderness" in 1850s Euro-British North America.

"Collecting Stamps Would Have Been More Fun"

The peculiar struggles of Canadian authors are writ large in the letters of Sinclair Ross.

Conrad Kain

Conrad Kain’s letters provide insights into the life and thoughts of this exemplary Austrian-Canadian mountaineer.

Countering Displacements

Collection of essays forges compelling linkages between cultural experiences of refugees and Indigenous peoples worldwide.

Cross-Media Ownership and Democratic Practice in Canada

Groundbreaking study of cross-media ownership allays concerns of content convergence monopolization among newspapers and television.

Damselflies of Alberta

With iridescent blues and greens, damselflies are some of the most beautiful flying insects as well as the most primitive. As members of the insect order Odonata they are related to dragonflies but...

Culturing Wilderness in Jasper National Park

Nine writers record two centuries worth of human history, tracing the evolution of trading routes into the Rockies’ largest park.

Cultural Mapping and the Digital Sphere

Fourteen essays map Canadian literary and cultural products via advances in digital humanities research methodologies.

Dear Sir, I Intend to Burn Your Book

Threat of book burning ignites passionate discussion about censoring, banning, and other responses to books.

Disinherited Generations

Two Cree women fought injustices regarding the rights of Indigenous women and children in Canada.

Deep Alberta

Noted naturalist and author John Acorn showcases Alberta’s palaeontological history in 80 succinct essays. With collaboration of Royal Tyrrell Museum.

Demeter Goes Skydiving

Award-winning poet exercises the profound mother-daughter trauma forged in the Demeter-Persephone myth with unapologetic modernity.

Dreaming of Elsewhere

Esi Edugyan interlaces fact and fiction, storytelling and dreaming to capture the essence of belonging.

Echoes in the Halls

From the research labs at the University to remote lakes in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, Echoes in the Halls tells us the stories about the antics, the hijinks and the adventures of professors...

The Evolving Feminine Ballet Body

Seven essays discuss both the local perspective and the broader cultural narratives of contemporary ballet.

Farm Workers in Western Canada

In-depth look at social, political, and economic conditions affecting farm workers’ struggles for their rights.

Flora Annie Steel

An expansive collection of essays about an “unconventional memsahib,” a noted Victorian feminist and writer.

Forging Alberta's Constitutional Framework

Contributors explore the nature and development of Alberta’s constitution by examining celebrated cases and themes.

Fur Trade Letters of Willie Traill 1864-1893

Gritty, deeply touching, fascinating, informative; these letters show the joys and heartbreaking challenges of family life in the fur trade.

The Freshwater Fishes of British Columbia

The threat of deteriorating habitats and a loss of biodiversity make this reference work on the freshwater fishes of British Columbia more necessary than ever before. Eighty-one comprehensive species...

From the Elephant's Back

Thirty-eight rare, out-of-print or previously unpublished essays and letters by Lawrence Durrell with scholarly introduction.

Gabriel Dumont in Paris

The troubles of 1885 are a topic of enduring fascination. Gabriel Dumont in Paris is a fictional retelling of the events leading up to the Northwest Rebellion, focussing on the thoughts and actions...

The Grads Are Playing Tonight!

A sports-history gem! The Edmonton Grads dominated women's basketball from 1915-1940 across Canada and worldwide.

Game Plan

Patterns and layers of sport history emerge as almost-forgotten stories of Alberta’s marginalized populations surface.

Grant Notley

Biography of Grant Notley, leader of Alberta’s New Democratic Party from 1968 to 1984.

The Ladies, the Gwich'in, and the Rat

In 1926, two British women came from Cornwall to Edmonton and travelled through northern Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon by rail, sternwheeler, and canoe. For the women, it was a liberating...

Locating the Past / Discovering the Present

Comparative, interdisciplinary examination of the production of religious ideas and images over time and place.

The Man in Blue Pyjamas

An indomitable passion for the freedom to write fuels Kurdish refugee Jalal Barzanji’s unforgettable journey.

Mapper of Mountains

Mapper of Mountains follows the career of Dominion Land Surveyor Morrison Parsons Bridgland, who provided the first detailed maps of many regions of the Canadian Rockies. Between 1902 and 1930, this...

Massacre Street

Poetic exploration of historical records of the Frog Lake Massacre (1885) links past to present.

The Measure of Paris

Governor General's Award-winning poet, literary critic, and flâneur explores and riffs off Paris's literary spirit.

Not Drowning But Waving

A welcome progress report on the variety of feminisms at work in academe and beyond.

Only Leave a Trace

Poetic meditations on leadership challenges as dean of a small university campus in rural Alberta.

Overcoming Conflicting Loyalties

Benefits of secular and sacral communities working together to help victims of intimate partner violence.

Propaganda and Censorship During Canada's Great War

Canadians entered World War One viewing armed conflict as a majestic affair. What they discovered was that life in the trenches was grim and the slaughter unimaginable. With victory hanging in the balance,...

Prairie Bohemian

Long-overdue biography of the enigmatic western Canadian luthier, musician, and guitar virtuoso Frank Gay.


A must-have for gardeners, cooks, cottagers, and anyone who enjoys the bright flavours of summer.

The Sasquatch at Home

Award-winning novelist talks about family, culture, and place with disarming honesty and wry irony.

Sleeping in Tall Grass

Drawing from the family story, Therrien's poems speak to and simultaneously transcend the label "prairie."

Taking the Lead

A deep look at female coaching--its values and tribulations--by leaders in the field.

Telling Tales

Enrich your family life, connect with your children, and celebrate your ancestors by learning to tell family stories, folktales, and nursery rhymes. Telling Tales: Storytelling in the Family is a fascinating...

Theatre, Teens, Sex Ed

Comprehensive examination of award-winning play’s revolutionary effect on teenage sex education via participatory theatre.

Trying Again to Stop Time

Dream-like cadences of international landscapes, human desire, and visions of a loving and wounded poet.

Why Grow Here

Nine essays explore how gardeners and gardens molded Edmonton’s social, cultural, and physical landscape.

Winter in Fireland

British-Canadian diplomat and wife sail from Cape Town to Cape Horn in their 27-foot boat.

For the Public Good

A vision for reforming arts graduate education to deliver many of Canada’s public good needs.

Feministing in Political Science

Feministing in Political Science examines what is at stake in contesting the boundaries of the contemporary university.