Tips for New Students from Alumni

Selections from I Was There: A Century of Alumni Stories about the University of Alberta, 1906–2006 by Ellen Schoeck.

“You adopt a plan, then you change the plan. There are so many opportunities here. You have to work hard to take advantage of everything that’s offered. The key thing is that there is this one ultimate truth in your life, this one goal, but there are many pathways to this goal. In university the name of the game is to get involved.” Saleem al-Nuaimi

“When you are in high school and looking ahead towards university, it’s scary. But when you get here, it’s exciting. It’s your choice. You’ll like it better than high school.” William Davis

“My homeland of Pakistan is a time bomb. And there, I am a fish out of water. I am too liberal for the place I come from. There, you must conform. But, here, in Canada, you can be your own person.” Junaid Jahangir

“Don’t get behind in your studies. Keep at it. When I got behind after just two weeks, I called a friend. She said, ‘Don’t worry. The beginning of the semester is the best time to fall behind. Think how much time there is left in the term to catch up!’ That’s the attitude you need. There are a lot of people here to help you.” Cassie Tesche

“Once you are here, you are not a number. You are part of a community.” Karlynn Grenier

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