Spirit Bear Dialogues

MacEwan University’s kihêw waciston and Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre collaborated to bring together Indigenous and Ukrainian scholars to discuss their long and complex relationship.

The program started with food demonstration and tasting. Those who arrived before the panel discussion were able to enjoy a bowl of borscht with bannock.

Members of the panel – Darlene Auger (educator), Anna Marie Sewell (poet), Sandra Semchuk (photographer), and Olenka Bilash (professor) – touched on prejudice, the loss of culture, the loss of languages, racism, and climate chance. They also discussed how the immigrant experience was similar to the experience of Indigenous peoples and ways of mending bridges. The conversations were moderated by Chelsea Vowel.

There were performances by Darlene Auger and the RUTA Ukrainian group, and we also watched an excerpt from “Dancing on Eggshells – The Making of Shumka’s Ancestors & Elders” and a short film: “Enemy Aliens”.

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