Shelagh Rogers Interviews Jane Cawthorne and Kinnie Starr

As always, spending time listening to Shelagh Rogers talk to her guests is well spent.

“Thank you for being so honest about where you are right now and who you are right now,” says Rogers as she interviews Jane Cawthorne and Kinnie Starr on CBC’s The Next Chapter about IMPACT: WOMEN WRITING AFTER CONCUSSION.

She goes on to say, “I love this: ‘A shattered narrative is still a narrative.’” Perhaps it resonates especially strongly since Rogers herself has suffered more than one concussion.

Near the end, Rogers asks a meaty question: “What are you hoping the book will go out into the world and do?”

Jane responds that she and co-editor E. D. Morin are “hoping that women—people—who have had concussions and traumatic brain injury find [IMPACT: WOMEN WRITING AFTER CONCUSSION] and find community in it. Beyond that, these are twenty-one women who have experienced tremendous loss and grief and vulnerability and this need to adapt to an unwanted change. There are lessons in there for everybody. There is so much honesty in there; so much bravery. These women are role models and I feel so honoured to have had that opportunity to work with them. I think there is a lot more beyond concussion for people who are looking for examples and a roadmap for change.”

The interview closes with Running Right Beside You, the latest single from Kinnie Starr.

Listen to the podcast here.

Jane Cawthorne and E. D. Morin, the co-editors of Impact: Women Writing After Concussion.