Our Audiobooks Are Out in the World!

A Guest Post by Tanvi Mohile

In 2020, UAlberta Press began the exciting project of distributing our first audiobooks in collaboration with ECW Press. Three of our previously published books are now available as audiobooks: Crow Never Dies; Magnetic North; and Grant Notley, 2nd Edition. This month, our latest audiobook became available for download: Tiny Lights for Travellers, written and narrated by award-winning author Naomi K. Lewis.

Some aspects that are particularly important in the creation and distribution of audiobooks include decisions about readers, and the inclusion of specific content, such as a description of the cover and images, among other things. Technical considerations include choice of file type, such as wav and mp3, the quality of the file in terms of its sample size and sample rate/bit rate, and noting duration of the audiobook chapters for the manifest. The beginning of the project involved a big learning curve as we grappled with file and quality specifications. Our colleagues at ECW Press and CNIB, our audiobook creating partners, were generous and helpful in their advice and support during this learning process.

When recording Tiny Lights for Travellers, Naomi Lewis worked with Valerie Moss, which was another successful partnership.

Our thanks to ECW Press, whose work has enabled us to make our books available and accessible to all readers in this format.