Keely Shirt: Concluding My Digital Publishing Internship

A Guest Post by Keely Shirt

I began my internship near the beginning of my final year of university and it is now ending at the beginning of my final semester. I am finally here: finally writing my finals and finally saying goodbye, in the final hours of one chapter of my life. 

During this time, I have been taught by and learned alongside individuals who above all things are patient, earnest, and kind. In particular, Cathie Crooks and Duncan Turner guided me. They taught me fundamental skills, from using Google Calendar to navigating title databases to digital book distribution. I appreciate their efforts in educating me, in getting to know me, and in genuinely wishing me well. All of the team members at University of Alberta Press have been imperative to my internship experience, as each person was more than willing to offer expertise and guidance. The weekly meetings as well as the more formal monthly production meetings were where I truly learned the invaluable nature of each member of the team. The meetings were a fantastic 101 course for me, as I learned everything from terminology to the more intimate ins and outs of the publishing industry. What I enjoyed most about the meetings was the banter: the back and forths, the occasional disagreements about small intricacies, and, of course, the laughter. Seeing people who are not only good at their work but passionate about it too. 

This internship has been illuminating in numerous ways. It gave me the opportunity to learn and converse with dynamic, inspired, and intelligent people, educationally and professionally, and it has prepared me for my future after graduating from my degree. I am happy that this chapter of my life included this opportunity.

I hope to do good things with what I’ve learned.