Featured Reviews of “Welcome to the Anthropocene”

“…(the book’s title [Welcome to the Anthropocene] is a reference to the current geologic age, the one in which human activity is the dominant influence on the Earth’s physical environment). [Alice Major’s] work, art that reckons with science, is part of a long tradition.” Megan Garber, The Atlantic

“…Alice Major writes an ambitious work that addresses many of the issues besetting our times…[T]he collection is an intelligent work that presents and argues and wins us over in stunning metaphors and catchy measures reinforced by couplets…” [Full review at https://scholars.wlu.ca/thegoose/vol17/iss1/24] Gillian Harding-Russell, The Goose

“Alice Major begins Welcome to the Anthropocene by considering all the ways humans have meddled with the environment… The traditional and experimental forms which appear throughout the book reinforce Major’s argument…and hint at unseen evolutionary forces at work; rhyming couplets which make up the first poem call to mind the ‘base pairs’ of DNA, even as they echo Pope’s ‘An Essay on Man.’… She excels at depicting situations when humans are themselves little more than kind animals, unusually intelligent but never quite intelligent enough, and often confounded by their own place in the ecosphere.”Patrick O’Reilly, Maisonneuve, Winter 2017

Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize, Shortlisted