Featured Reviews of “Searching for Mary Schäffer”

“Skidmore’s monograph offers a robust introduction to Schäffer’s work and contributes to recent scholarship in American art that attends to work produced across the North American continent…. Overall, Skidmore delivers an analysis of Schäffer’s prolific career as an artist and writer that will be of specific interest to scholars interested in the history of photography, women’s studies, and the history of science…. Skidmore offers a refreshing alternative to other studies in her emphasis on the collaborative practices that Schäffer engaged in alongside other women who were drawn to the Canadian Rockies during the early twentieth century.” [Full review] Katherine Mintie, Panorama: Journal of the Association of Historians of American Art

“…a full and fascinating narrative of Schäffer’s adult life, including her four-month summer excursions, in 1907 and 1908, into remote areas of the Rockies of Alberta and BC…. In this detailed book, Skidmore writes Schäffer, deservedly, into a historical narrative heretofore populated mostly by men…. [I]t is a significant achievement.” Stephen Ross Smith, Alberta Views Magazine

“In this book, Skidmore considers four basic themes – women, wilderness, travel, and science. She asks questions, tells stories, and makes full use of material in the archives of Canada and the United States.” Alberta History

Searching for Mary Schäffer is an important contribution for historical geographers and for those interested in nineteenth-century Indigenous-settler points of contact and mapping, feminist historians seeking to decentre predominant Edwardian travel narratives, and historians of photography, expanding the field of the Canadian historical imaginary.” [Full review ] Lisa Binkley, Journal of Historical Geography

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