Featured Reviews of “Rain Shadow”

“[Rain Shadow] fits easily into my shelf of place-aware, place-engaged, self-examining literature from the North American West…. Bradley has a real knack for the potent ending. His final lines simultaneously turn his poems and sprout from them, meaning that each piece in this collection tugs you to stop a minute before you move to the next page…. He slips between registers with ease, blending humour with story with reflection…” [Full review] Book Addiction

“Told in four parts, the collection centers thematically around the way humans move through, connect to, and are ultimately alien from our surrounding landscapes…. The poet’s haunting voice floats through existential thoughts, alternating between the abstract and the visceral…. In a time when the effects of climate change ravage our natural landscapes and the disconnect between citizen and cosmos seems ever widening, the poems are prescient…. Bradley sketches scenes ever on the edge of disaster, where all life is precious and profound, and rests in the shadow where little rain falls and true growth is a struggle, not to be taken for granted.” [Full review] Amy Clark, Split Rock Review

“Bradley describes and appeals to massive elemental forces and beings, like earthquakes and avalanches, bears and killer whales…. Figurative language and wordplay, often subtle, appear throughout the collection….Some of these poems celebrate wildlife and wildness; some highlight the uneasy and destructive relationships we maintain with our fellow earthlings”. [Full review] Kelly Shepherd, The Goose

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