Featured Reviews of “Nuala: A Fable”

“… Beach’s spare, poetic prose swept me away from the present world of mad dictators into a magical timeless realm like the sweet books of my childhood. I was transported and found myself rationing each page near the end, because I did not want to leave Beach’s fictional world. Highly recommended, even if you don’t like puppets, poetry or fables. It’s all about the craft and the way Beach spins a sharp sensuous story…”

Bruce Hunter, Goodreads

While it is a highly original tale, many of its themes—alienation, the search for understanding and companionship, and struggle for independence—are universal…”

Lana Michelin, Red Deer Advocate

“From the start, the book has the power to take a reader on a journey that is wonderfully image-laden…. [You] get the feeling that every single word has been meticulously chosen… It’s always polished but crackles with authenticity.”

Mark Weber, Red Deer Express

# 1 on Edmonton Fiction Bestsellers list, March 19, 2017

# 2 on Saskatoon Fiction Bestsellers list, April 8, 2017

# 7 on Edmonton Fiction Bestsellers list, April 23, 2017

# 7 on Edmonton Fiction Bestsellers list, September 24, 2017