Featured Reviews of "Little Wildheart"

“In Little Wildheart, Micheline Maylor writes poems that chart the vagaries of love, its cycles of loss and renewal, followed by a realization about the joy and freedom in reinhabiting the self without outside commitment…. Maylor draws images from an elementary and animal world to reflect the psyche and its spiritual progress. Allusive and elusive, educated and down-to-earth, witty and conversational, these oftentimes rollicking poems are fine-tuned with technical skill and strict formalist measures.” Gillian Harding-Russell, Prairie Fire

“… this and other poems are most memorable for how Maylor varies phrases to lure and surprise her reader. If Maylor is playing with the conventions of the lyric sentence, she’s playing with the conventions of poetry itself in the book’s formal pieces… Little Wildheart is a complicated book of deceptively simple parts.” Jacob McArthur Mooney, Quill & Quire

Pat Lowther Award, Canada

Raymond Souster Award, Canada