Featured Reviews of “Crow Never Dies”

“…informative, insightful, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and consistently compelling from beginning to end…. Crow Never Dies is unreservedly recommended for personal, community, and academic library Canadian Aboriginal Culture reference collections…” John Burroughs, Reviewer’s Bookwatch

“The author writes with obvious delight, indeed lyricism, about the people and the environment… To potential readers who have a love for the Arctic, its landscapes, seasons, and peoples, I highly recommend this beautifully composed and lyrical description of the traditions and way of life that struggle to keep their place in the modern world.” John Andrews, Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research

“[P]art travelogue, part philosophical inquiry, part participant-observationethnography—and a wholehearted celebration of the North. Crow Never Dies is laid out in four sections, documenting cultural events and subsistence activities associated with each season…. Every chapter is built around personal conversations with Northern elders, hunters, and story-tellers…. [R]eaders looking for a refreshing and off-the-beaten-path look at Canada’s warming North, will not be disappointed by Crow Never Dies.” Kelly Shepherd, The Goose

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