End Roll Credits, Courtesy of Derek Truscott

Drum roll, please! Derek Truscott provided this cheeky list of project participants for his latest book, Ethics for the Practice of Psychology in Canada, Third Edition. Thank you for the shout-out, Derek, and for all of the fine work you have done with this important textbook over the years.

Director and Publisher        Douglas Hildebrand
Associate Director/Manager, Planning & Operations       Cathie Crooks
Acquisitions Editor        Mat Buntin
Production Editor & Digital Coordinator        Duncan Turner
Design & Production        Alan Brownoff
Administrative Assistant        Elisia Snyder
Professional Editor & Writing Consultant        Joanne Muzak
Executive Producers        Alexandra Truscott & Sara Neely
Best Boy        Evan Truscott
Body Doubles        Steve Knish & Kevin Wallace
Department Chair        George Buck
Gaffer        Jerry Neely
Greensman        Pat Neely
Grip        Dave Truscott
Key Grip        Clarizze Truscott
Poly Grip        Una Truscott
Pyrotechnician        Martin Truscott
Soundtrack        Bill Evans
Wranglers        Peter Midgley & Linda Cameron

Derek Truscott        Himself
Ken Crook        Himself
Stranger in Doorway        Tom Waits

About the Book

Since its initial release in 2004, Ethics for the Practice of Psychology in Canada has filled a vital need for a single source on professional ethics and law relevant to Canadian psychologists. This important new edition reflects the fourth edition of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists and highlights discussions in the areas of diversity and social justice. An essential resource, it focusses on the most pertinent ethical and legal issues for Canadian psychologists, including decision making, consent, confidentiality, helping without harming, professional boundaries, diversity, social responsibility, and conducting research. An appendix includes discussion questions and reflective journal exercises to facilitate awareness of personal motives and biases relevant to making ethical choices.