Congress 2018 in Regina

This was the first time that the University of Regina hosted the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The university, city, and province did a wonderful job of putting on the conference, right down to offering free city bus service to delegates.

Highlights, beyond the bookfair of course, included:

  • The theme: Gathering Diversities.
  • An all-female lineup for the Big Thinking lectures.
  • A special launch event for Margaret Laurence and Jack McClelland, Letters, with editors Laura Davis and Linda Morra.
  • A gathering of publishing people, organized by our friends at the University of Regina Press.
  • Poetry readings and award ceremonies!

We had lots of interest in our books, particularly in our newest book Keetsahnak / Our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Sisters. We were able to connect with many scholars and talk about our titles, but, as ever, the best part was meeting our authors. We saw so many this year! Here is a partial list:

  • Michel Beaulieu
  • Ted Binnema
  • Daniel Coleman
  • Laura Davis
  • Erin Goheen
  • Jeremey Haynes
  • Tim Lilburn
  • Doris Jeanne MacKinnon
  • Linda Morra
  • Christian Riegel
  • Colleen Skidmore
  • Nora Foster Stovel
  • Sandra Styres
  • Dorothy Thunder
  • Angela van Esse
  • Camille van der Marel
  • Nancy van Styvendale
  • Karen Wall
  • Jerry White
  • Dawn Zinga

Our student assistant was a smart young woman who was a great support to us in the booth. We particularly enjoyed learning about what it was like for her to immigrate to Canada from Afghanistan.

We’ll see everyone in Vancouver next year!