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100 Days: The Rwandan Genocide

In honour of Poetry Month 2024 and because of our grief regarding continuing global genocides, it seems appropriate to talk about Juliane Okot Bitek‘s debut poetry collection 100 Days, published… READ MORE

An Editor’s Note in the voice of Stan Lee

In The Cancer Plot: Terminal Immortality in Marvel’s Moral Universe, authors Reginald Wiebe and Dorothy Woodman play with form and begin each section with an Editor’s Note. We thought you… READ MORE

Announcing our Benetech Certification

We are pleased to announce that UAlberta Press is now a Benetech Global Certified Accessible™ (GCA) publisher.  Benetech, a nonprofit that empowers communities with software for social good, issues this… READ MORE

Our New Website is Live!

After months of work with Supadu, BooksoniX, and our distributors, our new website is live at To celebrate, we are offering a holiday sale with a 30% discount on… READ MORE