Another International Award for Designer Alan Brownoff

Alan Brownoff has won another international award, this one from the AUPresses Book, Jacket, & Journal Show for the cover design of You Might Be Sorry You Read This by Michelle Poirier Brown.

Alan thinks of cover design as being a matchmaker, putting words and images together in unexpected ways. Both the designer and the author have to be open to that process. And the rest is “making the type work.” He makes it sounds easy!

For Michelle Poirier Brown’s cover, Alan viewed hundreds of different sites in his search for an image. In the end, he found Caroline Boileau, an artist in Quebec whose website showed dozens of thumbnail-sized images, one of which he used for the cover of You Might Be Sorry You Read This.

Alan, an University of Alberta alumnus, has won numerous awards in this competition over the years. Take a look!