Alan Brownoff at Form and Function in Great Book Design

As part of hosting the Association of University Press’s Book, Jacket, and Journal Show recently, Wilfrid Laurier University Press (WLUP) organized a wonderful panel discussion on April 25 with three Canadian designers featured in the exhibit: Alan Brownoff (University of Alberta Press)Lara Minja (Lime Design), and Michel Vrana

The panel, titled “Form and Function in Great Book Design” ranged from current trends in publication design, the relationship of design to meaning, and the professional practice of design. WLUP attracted a packed room of enthusiastic book and design lovers, and we were treated to interesting back stories to some of the designers’ award-winning work, thoughtful comparisons of different styles and approaches, and an interesting perspective on the quality and character of university press publishing.

Our own Alan Brownoff discussed his role as a member of the show’s organizing committee, as well as his own two entries in the 2018 exhibit: Remembering Air India: The Art of Public Mourning [Chandrima Chakrabory, Amber Dean & Angela Failler, Editors] and Tar Wars: Oil, Environment and Alberta’s Image [Geo Takach].

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